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Spiritual And Physical Benefits Of Tameawu (Hate Me You Die) Leaves You Should Know.

The Tameawu Leaf is one of the best things given to man by our maker (God). However, not alot of people know of this leaf and it’s importance. Hence I’m going to take my time to teach you how to use the Tameawu leaf to get favor from someone.

For those who know about this leaf (Tameawu), they know how good and powerful it is. However, unfortunately there are also a section of ghanaians who think people who use the Tameawu leaf are doing “juju”.

Note: The use of Tameawu leaf is not juju but more or less a miracle plant given to mankind naturally from God, the creator of the universe.

Below are some benefits of Taameawu leaves:

i. It’s an extremely strong plant. Plant them in your home to repel evil spirits, especially witches. Put the leaves in water to bath, it’s protects you from negative energies.

ii. If someone owes and does not want to pay, the leaf can do the job no matter who he is.

iii. It tends to be utilized to surmon spirits

Note: Never urinate on this plant.

This plant has an exceptionally bad otherworldly side, killing a person can be utilized. That is the way strong it is. Try not to mess with this. We call it Tameawu (If you disdain me, you will bite the dust)

iv. The most effective method to use it:

a. For Debtors:

i. For somebody that owes you money, Get the plant leave between 12:00am to 16pm. Say the name of the individual… … … ., you owe me… … …

ii. For this… … … … Blaablabla, Name of the leave miracle leave or leave of life or Tameawu or how you quiet it.

iii. Put the leave in fire(Wooden charcoal fire or light fire which isn’t too hot) for seconds. Withdraw out and allow somebody to squeeze the water into your eye.

iv. Go directly to the individual and request your money. Trust me assuming he has it he will pay immediately

On the off chance that doesn’t he will request that you go yet when he gets the money he will pay you sharp.

b. For Cough And Ear Problem:

Heat a few leaves on fire, squeeze and extract the juice. Drink the extract if for cough or apply into the ear for ear infections. You can also do likewise on surface injuries. The leave can be proliferated by leaves.

c. Hypertension Remedy:

i. Remove two from this leaves, put them in your mouth, eat it with little onion.

ii. Kindly ensure the leaf is spotless before you put them in your mouth.

iii. Do this consistently for around 3 to 5 days. Kindly return to your Doctor to Check your HBP you are going to say thanks to me for this. Tried and Trusted!!!

NOTE : Always check your BP from the very first moment you begin using this

Spice, to keep away from low blood pressure. On the off chance that you have plenty of this leaves growing in your compound. You can pluck the fresh young leaves. Sun dry them and ground into powder. Be using it your ogi(pap) or tea or add to your water. It works like sorcery.

Note: If you have low blood pressure be cautious so it doesn’t bring your blood pressure exceptionally low. Thank you.

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Tameawu Leaf
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