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How To Change A Girl’s Impression Of You From First Approach

Some men find it difficult to approach ladies. And even when they do, they end up messing things. One thing all guys should note is that, girls will always play hard to get. Especially the cute ones. From a first approach, the lady won’t be surprised. Though her thoughts are that you’ll just be wasting her time.

Learn how to change a ladies impression of you from your first approach.

When you approach a girl, do not complement her. The reason being because, they’d be expecting it. All you need to do is pretend to ask for her help, that you’re lost or something. In doing so, the girl will no longer be thinking that you are interested in her.

You might as well let her know you’re going her way, then you’ll ask if you could walk together. All in attempt to start a conversation along the way. As you gradually proceed, engage her into a conversation and thank her for helping you. In her mind, she’ll be thinking you’re just lost and need direction.

On reaching your so called destination, ask her if she lives around. And if she says yes, then ask if you could be friends so that she may show you around the area sometime. Then finally, she will give you her phone number to stay in touch. And you would have accomplished your goal, cause your approach was not to seek for a relationship but a friendship.

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