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Ghanaian designs AI web app to provide instant answers on Science

SuaCode.ai, a Ghanaian-led AI EdTech company has launched Kwame AI (in Beta), an AI-powered web app that enables students to ask questions related to the Science subjects of the West African Secondary School Examination (WASSCE) and get instant answers along with relevant diagrams.

Kwame AI provides the top 5 past WASSCE questions related to their question, the correct answer, an explanation for the answer, and which year it appeared.

Kwame AI is currently available for Integrated Science, with more subjects to be covered shortly. Kwame AI is named in honour of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president.


A student looking for the definition or explanation of photosynthesis can type the question into the Kwame AI search bar and instantly receive the best 3 answers sourced from carefully curated knowledge sources at the right level for the student.

SuaCode.ai is offering students, teachers, and parents early access to this beta test.

“We are excited about this milestone that will remove barriers for students across West Africa and enable them to get instant answers to their questions as they prepare for this year’s WASSCE. Kwame AI will radically transform how students get help in their learning journeys. In the future, students will be able to ask Kwame questions in African languages and via offline channels such as USSD and toll-free calling,” says George Boateng, CEO and Co-founder of SuaCode.ai.

The WASSCE is taken by over 1 million students across Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia and it determines whether students will get admission to the university based on their grades, as well as the programs they can study. Consequently, any scalable tool such as Kwame AI is a game-changer for learning.


SuaCode.ai’s launch of Kwame AI is timely as the 2022 WASSCE is happening in August for Ghanaians.

Students can visit kwame.ai and start learning for free to ace their WASSCE Integrated Science exams.

About SuaCode.ai

SuaCode.ai is an EdTech AI startup that is democratizing science and technology education across Africa using mobile devices and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AI teaching assistant, Kwame, enables African students to get instant answers to their science questions via our Kwame AI web app, and to learn to code on their phones with our SuaCode mobile app.

SuaCode.ai was founded by Ghanaian co-founders George Jojo Boateng, a PhD Candidate in Applied Machine Learning at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and Victor Kumbol, a Neuroscience PhD fellow at the Charité Universitatmedizin, Germany.

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