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Anglican Bishop urges Christians to follow Biblical guidance to succeed

Tamale, May 16, GNA – Right Reverend Dennis Debukari Tong, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale has urged Christians to seek Jesus as the way to success.

He said Christians must follow the guidelines of life under the rule of wisdom, uprightness, instructions, peace and light, as defined by the Bible in Proverbs chapter 4:10-19.
He described success as living the life of God amidst joy, hope and love, adding that success was beyond wealth and properties.
Right Reverend Tong was delivering a sermon during church service in Tamale on the theme: “Jesus The Way, The Truth and The Life.”
He said success comprised what God wanted people to be, not only about the acquisition of wealth and properties but to live in hope, joy and love in God’s glory.
He said, “Success is about living a holistic life because we need to be whole both physically and spiritually, for we do not have hope in life but also in the life hereafter.”
Right, Rev. Tong encouraged the youth to apply wisdom in their daily activities and be guided by it rather than being guided by passion.
He called on the church to pursue truth through the study of the Bible, and get closer to Jesus, who is the wisdom of God.
He added that “Today, our world is in danger. The war between Ukraine and Russia is affecting most economies of the world, terrorists’ attacks here and there, and COVID-19 is still with us. We need a way out of all these and the only way out is Jesus Christ.”

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