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Snake Bites Student Of Assin Fosu College of Education Testicles


Students of the Assin Fosu College of Education (FOSCO) in the Central region are in a state of shock and fear after a snake reportedly bit the scrotum of a level 300 student.

The student was said to be attending to nature’s call at a toilet facility on campus when the incident occurred.

Information available to DGN Online indicates that the student suffered a painful fright when
the non-venomous strike its teeth into the victim’s testicles.

He immediately stood on his feet after feeling a pinch in his testicles only to find the snake curled up in the toilet bowl

Some students on campus explained that, most of the boys use that toilet facility in the school.
However luck eluded the young man when the reptile hiding in the loo bit him on the balls.

The student said they heard the victim weeping and screaming for help when he was rushed to the St. Francis Hospital in Assin Fosu for medical treatment.

He is said to be responding to treatment.

By Vincent Kubi

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