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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Don’t Ever Say That Again

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Berla Mundi has educated some netizens who claim Ghana needs a coup for things to work well in the country as both the NPP and NDC have failed us saying they wouldn’t even wish that for an enemy.

Some netizens feel things are getting worse every day in the era of democracy hence they believe if a military takes over everything will be okay once again, therefore, calling for a coup de tat.

Berla Mundi reacting to that educated those who share the same idea with this gentleman asking them never to say that again because they have no idea the deleterious effects of a coup that they are calling for it.

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According to her, they wouldn’t wish that on their worst enemy not to talk of wishing it for their own country because they think things aren’t going well under democratic governance.

Screenshot below;

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