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Men Send Me Naked Pictures – Actress, Njideka George Opens Up

Njideka George, the Nigerian actress cum filmmaker, is so confident about her plus-size body and not ready to comprise on that.

In this interview with Sunday Sun, the thespian cum entrepreneur opens up on her struggles as a plus-size actress, acting nude as well as reasons behind her lack of interest in marriage. Please enjoy it.

What’s your special birthday wish for this year?


If I tell you, it wouldn’t come true.

Now, what are you mainly happy for?

I have so much to be happy for. But my first choice would be that I’m happy for the support I get from my family, especially my mum. I’ve always had their support. Like I said, it’s been a tough year but their support has made it easier. They take my business like it’s theirs. I’m truly thankful.

Between marriage, having kids, cars and houses, what are the goals you wish to see accomplished before your 24th birthday?

Honestly, I’m not thinking about marriage or kids. If the right man comes and it’s God’s will, then I’ll gladly get married. But it isn’t on my priority list for now. I have a business I run, a plus-size fashion line called, Dekas Place. I’m also a plus-size model and an actor/producer. All I’m focused on right now is the expansion of me as a brand, and the expansion of my business. Once I achieve this, I’m confident that cars and houses would be peanuts for me.

What is the inspiration behind Dekas Place?

Dekas Place is actually a representation of who I am. The first thing to know about me is that I’m a plus-size advocate and a body positivity enthusiast. I’m really passionate about plus-size women loving their bodies. Before I started Dekas Place, I would always search for dresses my size and wouldn’t see any. I didn’t want plus-size women to keep going through that. I wanted them to know that being sexy or confident is a choice; it’s a decision. I wanted them to feel good about themselves. I wanted them to feel appreciated. I wanted to create a space where they’d shop without having to think if they would get their size or not. I want plus-size women to be bold and beautiful.

Can you tell us about your journey as a filmmaker and some of the movies you’ve produced?

I produced my first movie last year; it’s a feature length movie called, Lost in the Act. It features top stars like Esther Audu Ojire, Anthony Monjaro, Ngozi Ezeh Evuka, Righteous King, and myself, Deka George among others. Indeed, it has been a tough journey, and filmmakers deserve more credits.

Plus-size women are confidently taking over, what motivates you guys?

I know the struggle that comes with truly loving yourself. I have been there. It’s a dark place; I never want to go back. I don’t want any fat, orobo, thick or plus-size woman to ever feel bullied.

How do you deal with body-shaming on social media or physically?

I know who I am and I’m not ashamed of what my body looks like. I love myself too much to be sad about another person’s opinion. I know I’m fat, so you calling me fat or telling me about my folds isn’t going to make me sad. These are things I’m very aware of. I give myself daily affirmations; I block people a lot. I ignore people a lot too. It really depends on my mood.

Do you also sell inner wears as most plus-size women hardly find their accurate sizes, especially bra?

Remember I talked about expansion; this is part of what I meant. I sell lingerie for now. They help boost confidence as well.

To give you a change of look, would you consider liposuction someday?

I’ve always been big, I don’t know how else to look. I’ve looked this way for 23 years and I love me. I’m not against liposuction and if I ever consider it, I’ll do so with my full chest.

What is the most priceless part of your body?

My whole body is priceless to me; I have grown to love every part of me. I mean every fold, every curve and every single part of me.

Would you say your sexual appeal has opened doors for you?

I would say hard work and God’s grace has brought me this far.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to you?

I’ve had men send me nude pictures.

Can you act nude?

Maybe (I can act) semi nude, but completely nude is a no for me at this point in my life.


Source: Sun News

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