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Chinese company car driver arrested by Adam Bonaa prosecuted

Dr Adam Bonaa confronting the driver of the mobile concrete mixer

Adam Bonaa causes arrest of the driver

IGP responds to Adam Bonaa’s citizen arrest

Security Analyst thanks police for swift action

A Chinese Concrete Mixer Company, driver and supervisor who was citizen-arrested a few days ago by security analyst, Adam Bonaa, have been formally charged and prosecuted.

Dr. Adam Bonaa revealed this in a post after he had earlier ensured that the driver emptying a mix of concrete while plying a tarred road around the Togo Embassy was arrested on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

In an earlier report by GhanaWeb, the security analyst said he trailed the mobile concrete mixer with registration number GM 3483 – 21 from around the embassy to the Burma Camp dual carriageway where he was able to signal the driver to stop.

He noted that upon interrogating the driver and a Chinese passenger in the car, he was able to establish that the car belonged to a Chinese construction company operating in Ghana.

“Just as I took the roundabout around the Togo embassy, I saw this mobile concrete mixer virtually emptying remains of its contents on newly constructed asphaltic roads which the government of Ghana spent millions of dollars constructing, as it drove along as if there was nothing wrong with that. I had to follow the concrete mixer truck all the way to the Burma camp dual carriageway area and signalled the driver to stop, effecting citizen’s arrest and reporting them with the evidence to the police to take action,” he wrote.

In an updated post on his Facebook page, Dr. Adam Bonaa said that the men had been officially charged.

“After sharing/publishing my citizen’s arrest of a concrete truck spilling pre-mixed concrete on asphalted roads and subsequently making a report to the Police MTTD for action to be taken against them, the IGP placed a call to me for a brief conversation and to assure me that swift action will be taken against the culprits.

“Same day Sunday yesterday 23rd Jan 2022, Police MTTD commander called me to let me know they have invited them to the MTTD headquarters Monday,” he wrote.

He further expressed his thanks to the police for the swift response and to everybody who helped get the needed attention to the situation.

He added that the suspects were fined after they appeared before the La Motor court.

“It’s, therefore, heartwarming to note that, the truck driver and his Chinese supervisor were paraded on Monday before the Director-General of Ghana Police Traffic and Transport Dept MTTD, and their argument was that it was water they spilled and not concrete as if to say the concrete mixer truck is a registered water tanker.

“True to the IGP’s words, the culprits were put before the La Motor court prosecuted and made to pay a fine for breaking laws of Ghana (regulation 113 of road traffic regulation 2012, LI 2180, placing of construction materials and equipment on the road).

“I would like to use this opportunity to thank all well-wishers who reached out to me in support of my action against this company, conventional and social media followers /friends for believing in bigger Ghana agenda,” he added.

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