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Monday, May 23, 2022

Date Rush contestant Lovia gets host Giovani Caleb confused with bad English

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The highlight of TV3’s Date Rush show, even at the preliminary stage, was one of the contestants Lovia giving the host, Giovani Caleb headache with her bad English.

Bad as her English was, she was posied to get a date. The confidence she exuded even though she did not speak so well was quite admirable.

Lovia believes that irrespective of her problem with the proper construction of English sentences, she would have a date.

Meanwhile, doubts have been raised about the credibility of the show with many suggesting that Lovia was acting and could actually express herself properly in the Queen’s language.

Her bad English did not sound natural.

On the flip side, Lovia’s bad English has become a point of concern not only to host Giovani Caleb who had a hard time trying to understand her but also to the audience who felt the quality of the show was dwindling.

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