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Oheneyere Gifty Anti Shares Evergreen Photos To Mark Her 52nd Birthday

Veteran media personality, Oheneyere Gifty Anti has celebrated her 52nd birthday in a grand style as she decided to post some sizzling images on social media.

In the caption of the images she uploaded on Instagram, the proud mother of one expressed her gratitude to God for blessing her life.
She is a source of inspiration for many young people in Ghana, and her lifestyle and success story have made her a role model for women.

Despite the fact that she is 52 years old, Oheneyere expressed how young she feels.
She compared her life to the proverb about a tree planted by the streams, claiming that she will always be green.

Ok now this is 52!! Like a tree planted by the waters, my leaves are forever green!!

“Yes, they may whither sometimes, but fresh leaves always pop up!! Stronger and more beautiful!!”

In another photo she wrote:

A SHORT BUT DEEP STORY OF PICTURES Gradually, an era is coming to an end!!

It’s been beautiful but there were some very dark moments!!

There were points on that journey that felt like the ‘end’. The storms raged!!

But all people saw, was the beauty, because God calmed the storms and kept them beneath me!! And Everytime He brought me out of the storm and made me more ‘beautiful’!!!

Behold… a new dawn is almost here!!

Hold on my dear! Day break is almost here

Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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