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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Kwasia Boy, Next Time Don’t Behave Like A Villager – Angry Slay Queen Dirties Yaw Tog For Recording Her Naughty Snaps

In a viral video circulating online, an enraged slay queen is seen yelling at a particular Yaw Tog for violating her terms and conditions after contracting her services.

Naa Lambo, the lady, came to Snapchat to condemn Yaw Tog of secretly recording her intimate parts during a live video chat and sharing it with his friends.

Naa Lambo claimed she told her customers, including Yaw Tog, not to capture recordings of her while she amused them privately, but the brazen teen secretly recorded her actions.

The lady subsequently discovered her n*de video on the internet and went to filthy Yaw Tog.
Among the insults, she pondered if this was the first time Yaw Tog had hired a hookup girl.

Among the insults, she pondered whether this was Yaw Tog’s only time engaging a hook up girl or if he was so enthused about her delivery that he felt compelled to videotape everything.

We can’tell whether the slay queen was referencing to Yaw Tog, the popular young rapper, or if there’s another deviant on Snapchat having fun with the name Yaw Tog.


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