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How truck driver, motor rider, police escort escaped death

Rescue and rebuilding efforts are already underway in the area

Truck carrying mining explosives involved in accident

Thirteen people confirmed death from the incident

Government supports rebuilding efforts

ACP Kwesi Ofori, the Director-General of the Public Affairs Department of the Ghana Police Service, has reiterated that the driver of an ill-fated truck carrying explosives was still alive.

The unnamed driver was transporting mining explosives from Tarkwa to Bogoso on January 20, 2022 when a motorcycle rammed into his truck triggering a fire and eventually setting off the explosives.

There were also reports that suggested that a Police escort aboard the DAF truck operated by MAXAM company and the motorcyclist involved in the accident had died.

But ACP Ofori also revealed that the motor rider and police officer escorting the truck were also alive.

“The police administration will like to place on record that the vehicle in question was under escort and documents were prepared and given to the escort team to escort the product to its destination.

“It was properly signed by the Tarkwa Divisional Police and there is no foul play at all…The police officer has been interrogated and has given his opinion on the matter,” the Police chief explained on Citi FM on January 21.

He confirmed that the driver and his escort helped lessen the deadly impact of the explosion by alerting people nearby of the imminent explosion.

“When the incident took place, the police officer quickly alerted those around the scene that there is a likelihood that there would be an explosion. When the accident occurred, it took about 15 to 20 minutes before the first explosion.

“The police quickly with the driver tried as much as possible to tell the onlookers to leave the place. Some heeded others didn’t. The first occurred and the second explosion ravaged the town and the village where a lot of destruction took place,” ACP Kwesi Ofori added.

“The driver, the police officer and the motor rider are all alive because they heeded to the advice,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the death from the accident stands at 13 with scores sustaining varying degrees of injuries.

The company transporting the explosives, Maxam, has had their license suspended and company subsequently closed. The head of explosions at the Minerals Commission has also been suspended pending a full probe.

Government has also gone to the aid of victims with deployment of necessary support and pledges to help rebuild the devastated community.

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