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You teach KG pupils, not lecture them – GNAT Gen. Sec.

General News of Tuesday, 18 January 2022

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GNAT declares semester system dead on arrival

KG children will be tired by 12 if semester system is introduced – GNAT Gen. Sec.

Children need to learn through play- GNAT Gen. Sec.

GNAT General Secretary declares semester system dead on arrival

The General Secretary of GNAT, Mr. Thomas Musah, has said that children in Kindergarten need to learn through play and not straight lectures.

His agitation comes on the back of the proposed introduction of the Semester System into the basic education system. He expressed his thoughts in an interview with JoyNews.

Mr. Musah believes children need to learn through flexible and accepted means which is the “learn through play” method. According to him, “at the basic level, we teach, we don’t lecture and if you look at the UNICEF way of learning, they have what you call learning through play, you don’t go and lecture somebody at the Kg level, you learn through what is called play. It is an activity-oriented approach,” he argued.

He further noted that “KG children will be tired by 12 if the new system is introduced,”. This he said to prove a point that pupils in the kindergarten level are not intellectually ready to grasp straight lectures but are quick to grasp playful teachings.

He further declared the semester system dead on arrival, noting that there is no way it is going to function. Meanwhile, the Ghana Education Service is still in consultation with other stakeholders on the subject matter.

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