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WATCH: It ‘ended in tears’ after a Rover became semi-submerged in water as driver showboats in front of beachgoers

DURBAN – Only the top half of a Rover could be seen sticking out of the water off a Richards Bay beach as the driver showboated in front of beachgoers.

Two videos of the incident, which apparently took place on New Year’s Day, have gone viral on social media – one of the driver showboating and the other of the semi-submerged vehicle.

One of the people who shared the videos on Facebook asked whether the people of Richards Bay were “swimming with cars” on Saturday.

In the first video, before the car takes off, someone is heard telling people to move out of the way.

As the vehicle takes off, crowds of people in the water and on the shore are seen watching the vehicle drift along the shoreline, with two passengers sticking their heads out the sunroof and waving their hands.


The crowds cheered and whistled.

In the second video, a woman is heard saying “yeah, let’s just swim with our cars”.

Commenting on Facebook, someone said the car “was towed”.

Thokozan Mthokozisi Mkhize said “Let us fix this. This is not sad at all but a lesson to be learned. Don’t drink and drive. This car costs a fortune … plus insurance will not pay. Let’s hope he has enough money to fix the damage.”

Xolani KaNgxabi Gwili said it “was nice evidence for the insurance company not to pay”.

Lawrence S’pha Thwala said “it ended in tears”.

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