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IGP baffled at how Lapaz residents eat Indomie with Guinness

These residents were having a good time eating and drinking when the IGP showed up

Top police officials tour parts of Accra on New Year’s Eve

Residents of Lapaz share security challenges with IGP

Large crowds gather to listen to Dr. George Akuffo Dampare

“Ei! Who drinks Guinness with Indomie?” This was how the Inspector General of Police, COP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare reacted, in disbelief, when he met with some resident of Lapaz on the eve the New Year.

This was when the police chief had led some of his officials of his leadership on a patrol in some parts of Accra even as millions across the world trooped into churches to mark the crossing over ceremonies that usually mark the dawn of a New Year.

The IGP also made time to interact with quite a number of the residents in places he visited, reports myjoyonline.com.

According to the report, Dr. George Dampare also used the occasion to wish residents well, as well as to get first-hand information on the security situations on the ground even ahead of the coming year, at the time.

It was during their rounds that the team chanced on a group of people celebrating their final day in the year at a noodle joint.

There, the IGP, enthused by what he saw on one of the tables, asked them what they call the combination of the Guinness bottles before them, and the Indomie Noodles they were eating.

“Guinness-Domie,” one of them responded, throwing everyone spontaneously into loud laughters.

Thereafter, the IGP engaged the residents there in some security tips, amidst very hearty chats, even as the small group of people gathered there grew bigger and bigger.

The IGP also took time to hear from the residents, what their challenges in the area of security were, and gave assurances of working to get them resolved.

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