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Details of Elisha Salifu Amoako’s prophecies

Archbishop-elect Salifu Amoako is the Founder of Alive Chapel International

Major confusions among NPP, NDC, declares Salifu Amoako

Salifu Amoako gives prophecies for 2022

Salifu Amoako calls for prayers for media in Ghana against deaths

During his first Sunday of 2022 service, the Founder and Leader of the Alive Chapel International, Archbishop-elect listed out some prophecies about the nations of the world.

He called for prayers to be made against a lot of deaths and major confusions.

Starting from the United States of America, right down to Ghana, the prophet told his congregation about how there have been major attacks initiated in the realms of the spirit against major personalities and groups of persons in the world.

“The angel of the Lord carried me into the nations, into the kingdoms. And the Lord said, in 2022, beginning from this month, the enemy has designed destruction and mind-boggling destruction against the world leaders. I’m talking about the present and the past. If we don’t pray for them, this year will be a year of major destructions.

“And the angel settled me in the United States and I saw a major death; a national one in the United States of America and the Lord said, ‘Son of Man, pray against this destruction against the world leaders,’ he said.

Archbishop-elect Salifu Amoako also spoke about what he said will be major deaths in India that will be occasioned by heavy rains, resulting in floods.

“And the angel settled me in the land of India. The Indian problem this year is going to be rain; rainfall will wipe away many lives. It will be heavy rainfall … with heavy floods that is destroying people. The Lord said I pray also for the nation of India,” he said.

In Africa, he began his prophecies from Nigeria, calling for prayers to be made for the pastors in the country because a wind of many deaths has been directed at them.

He also urged the actors in the country to take their prayer lives seriously otherwise they will be very surprised by the way people in the industry will die.

“Then He brought me to Africa and when I came to Africa, we settled in Nigeria. The Lord said, this year, certain high men of God need to pray in Nigeria because the enemy will kill some men of God; certain men of God, not only Nigeria too. Some men of God are going to die in Ghana; many men of God. You’d be surprised the way it’s going to happen. We need to pray.

“And I looked and I saw actors in Nigeria, and many of them, they have names, and the enemy attacked them and they started falling one after the other. The Lord says we should pray,” he said.

In Ghana, the prophet spoke to the media and the country’s lawmakers, stating that major attacks have been planned for them and that there is the need for prayers to be said for them, against all those evil.

Salifu Amoako also said that the two main political parties should be guided since a major confusion is likely to break out between them.

“Then when he brought me to Ghana, this year, all the media houses – the media houses, the media men, need to pray because they’ll be attacked and there’ll be a major occurrence of death in the sector of the media. The Lord said we should pray because the media will be attacked.

“Number two, in Ghana here, the Lord said we must pray for the parliamentarians because this year will be a year of political confusion. There will be a major confusion between NPP and NDC. I see a lot of confusion but the Lord said we should remember them in prayer,” he said.

Among others, the leader of the Alive Chapel International addressed issues of plane crashes in Asia and Africa that would lead to the death of prominent politicians; a confusion in Togo that will rise from a revolution, leading to the killing of many; and that many people in Ghana will see the glory of God.

He also spoke about directly sending an information to a sitting president who needs foreknowledge on something that is to happen between now and February of 2023; prayer for the Queen of England; that a Christian will rise up to lead in Nigeria; confusion in Uganda in June; and for the former president of Cote d’Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo to be prayed for because there is a plan to poison him since the people want him back but people in power do not.

On the subject of the novel Coronavirus, he said that there is no need for people to be afraid because even with the revelation of new variants of the pandemic, by and by the situation will get better and better.

Archbishop-elect Salifu Amoako also spoke about the world’s economies getting better, adding that in 2022, Ghana’s economy will grow by 7%, among other things.

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