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Best Free Mobile Video and Photo Editors for 2022.

Speaking of video and picture editing, many people think you only need a PC before you can get the perfect results but today am here to debunk that point.

Editing pictures is more a stress since the required necessities are right in your pocket and that is your phone. The following apps have all the required editing tools such as the blur background options amongst other and can help you go a long way in enhancing be your pictures

1. Snapseed from Google

2. Polish from Inshot

3. Pixlr which is also on YouTube

4. PicsArt.

And lastly

5. Pixellab. For pixellab, it can help you generate authentic logos for yourself. It is the best manual logo maker I’ve ever used so try it.

For video editing, to get the perfect results as the user of a PC will get, you have to combine about 3 apps so you make sure you have enough space on your cellphone.

1. Kinemaster After effects. Download link»https://youtu.be/KcXjTYgLDNs»

2. Youcut Videos Editor and

3. VN video editor.

After these apps are downloaded, your journey to the world of mobile phone editing starts successfully as they are really easy to use.

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