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We will throw out govt businesses that do not serve the interest of Ghanaians – MP

MP for Wa Central, Rashid Hassan Pelpuo

Minority not obstructing governments business – Rashid Pelpuo

Executive can no longer control parliament – Rashid Pelpuo

Minority simply ensure that government activities are beneficial to Ghanaians – Rashid Pelpuo

Wa Central Constituency’s MP, Rashid Hassan Pelpuo, has said that the minority caucus in parliament will continue to throw out government businesses that did not serve the interest of Ghanaians.

The MP (Member of Parliament) said the current demography in parliament (138 majority caucus and 137 minority) has positioned the minority to properly scrutinise government business.

“Government cannot be autocratic in its decision and cannot just control parliament the way they want it,” he added.

The Member of Parliament made these comments in an interview with Joy News and monitored by GhanaWeb.

He stressed the MPs are representatives of the people of Ghana and through them (the MPs), the people hold the government accountable on its use of the state’s resources as well as promises made by the government.

“You cannot say you would protect the public purse and you would go around borrowing with anything to show of it and then you come for more; we would ask you what you did with the rest of the money. And if you cannot provide enough explanation, we would throw out your business”, he said.

He hinted the government of Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has not sufficiently demonstrated what it had used the funds approved by parliament over the years for and cannot come for more funds through the e-levy it wants to implement.

According to Rashid Pelpuo, the minority throwing out government business cannot be described as an obstruction to governments business, as being suggested by some factions in the public.

He said the minority was rather doing due diligence to ensure that programmes and policies the government was seeking to implement would benefit the people of Ghana.

The MP added that even in advanced democracies oppositions throw out government business and introduce alternatives.

“Because it is the first time we are experiencing it people are not finding it easy, they think that it is an obstruction of government’s business”, he further stated.

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