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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Umofia takes over Twitter after Nigel Gaisie’s prophecies

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has courted some attention with his prophecies on the eve of the new year

31st night service at the Prophetic Hill Chapel was interesting! Leader of the church, Prophet Nigel Gaisie had some prophecies to dish out.

Some as usual, of doom and trouble but this time, it wasn’t about Ghana, it was about an ‘assumed’ nation called Umofia.

Nigel Gaisie said he had been visited by God and been given some revelations to make ahead of the new year, 2022.

He however emphasized that because of certain repressions going on, the focus of the prophecies were for the nation Umofia rather than Ghana.

These prophecies however had elements including names of regions, towns, political parties, institutions and the likes, that could very easily be related to the Ghanaian nation.

This turn of events was mostly due to a caution given through a release by the police service against utterances at church services that have the tendency of causing fear and panic.

Following this, he has been trending on social media with the hashtag, #Umofia. Obviously, some Ghanaians are fascinated and this is what they have been saying, particularly on Twitter:

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