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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Raila’s “Omondi” Remarks Against Malala Land Him In Trouble As Kimilili MP Accuse Him Of Tribalism

A day after the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga telling Kenyans that he is “more Luhya than the Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala who is more Luo” than he is, the Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has exploited those remarks to badly hit at him with tribal accusations.

Speaking today on January 1st 2022 in a rally attended by Deputy President William Ruto, Didmus Barasa condemned Raila for calling Senator Malala as an “Omondi” from Siaya saying that such shouldn’t have been remarks to come from someone seeking to be an MCA let alone a presidential hopeful.

The outspoken legislator therefore claimed that Raila has shown his true colours as being a tribal leader and the good deeds he did for this country were washed away by those remarks.

He started by saying that “I used to only think that Raila Odinga is a con but it seems he’s a tribalist number one.

You heard him while speaking from Bukhungu Stadium yesterday tell Western Kenya people that Cleophas Malala is a Luo from Siaya and shouldn’t be elected as Governor for Kakamega County.

With those remarks, does Raila think that he’ll secure the Presidency by relying only on Nyanza votes? I bet not,” he said.

He went ahead to say that “it was very embarrassing for a person who wants to be President of Kenya to take this country twenty years back into tribal cocoons by telling people not to elect individuals because of their ethnic backgrounds.

The people of this country must continue voting for people on the basis of their manifestos or that quality which they deem make them fit to lead.”

“Raila fought for democracy but because of his remarks, Kenyans have started forgetting about the good he did and are looking at him as a tribalist,” he said.


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