Eligible Music Empire Signs two HSTV Reality show stars

Many were called unto one stage when it was time to demonstrate real gifts and talents in singing, which was organized by the hstv, a wing from Gtv, with the judgement body made up of the CEO of Krown entertainment, Julian, general manager and music director of eligible music, in the person of miss Catherine Johnson, miss Bherry and the overall music guru from way back in the history of hiplife through till now, a great hero standing CEO of palace multimedia empire, Mr. Johnny Bryce Sagoe.. The thrilling performances of the two great talents, logouts and Mashach cought up the interest of Mr. Johnny Bryce Sagoe. this made him declare on live television to sign them to pave the way for them into the music journey. This is a man who is always bounded with his words and would not do the contrary. He has finally recorded and yet to release this surprise single on the 1st of January 2023.to be officially premiered by hstv.

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Catherine Johnson
Johnny Bryce Sagoe