Traumatized Boy Reveals How “Galamsey” ‘Killed’ His 13-Year Old Brother


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The recent heartbreaking news that has undoubtedly sparked massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms was when another traumatized boy sadly revealed how the practice of illegal mining activities killed his 12-year old brother.

Not long ago, the incumbent government took the privilege to put a stop to all illegal mining activities across the various regions in the country which undoubtedly yielded effective results considering the number of sites which were shutdown aside the excavators and other mining equipments which were burnt on site.

However, recent reports have undoubtedly raised lots of concerns amongst Ghanaians considering how innocent individuals keep losing their respective lives due to the practice of galamsey in the various regions across the country.

Considering the recent sad news that has put most Ghanaians in a dilemma, we can clearly notice that, all efforts which were put in place in other to fight illegal mining activities across the various regions across the country have been futile.

According to recent sad news gathered from Patriensa, a traumatized 9-year old boy, Yaw who barely survived a near death experience took the privilege to express his immense disappointment aside narrating his sad ordeal as to how he lost his only brother as a result of illegal mining activities in his vicinity.

Speaking in a recent interview on JoyNews, the only survivor during the recent drowning incident at Patriensa highlighted that, his only brother, Emmanuel Aboagye who attempted to save his life whilst he was drowning in one of the trenches dug out by some illegal miners ended up losing his life.

“My brother, Aboagye and I came here to fetch water. I tripped and fell into the water; he jumped in to save me but I learnt he drowned. I was told my father and some lifesavers later came to my aid”, Yaw sadly revealed.

Surprisingly, the traumatized 9-year old survivor’s father later revealed that, the police service at Patriensa should be blamed for the untimely death of his 13-year old son whilst claiming that, the police didn’t intervene to help save his son from drowning.

What do you think the incumbent government together with the help of the IGP, Dampare implement to help put a stop to the lost of innocent lives as a results of galamsey activities in the various regions across the country even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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