(PHOTOS) Shauwn Mkhize flaunts her beautiful Zulu culture dress.

The award-winning TV reality show winner, Shauwn Mkhize shared a post on her Instagram handle where she was seen wearing an outstanding dress she worn to a wedding.

The star also gave an account of how the ending year 2020 has been and how she can’t wait for the year to end. She even gave the countdown for the year ending.

She wrote and as a caption,

Goodday 3 more days before we wrap 2020 and we await the Presidents adress today it’s sad that Sa has reach a 1 million mark on active cases of the COVID we can only hope The President is not sending us back to level 3 😂😂😂😂

Let me go and spread some love to one of my brother as I support him when he gives his hand in marriage to his soul mate

Thought of the day

Trusting someone enough to let them see you at your most vulnerable ,is an act of love .There is no greater moment in a relationship than when two people choose to take a risk of bringing their walls down before each other. There is no deeper way of conveying how much you love the other person then letting them know that you believe they will take care of your heart, and be careful and kind toward the part of you that you share with them .

Congratulations my brother your sister loves you so much 

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