Mzbel shares another bitter story of a girl who abandoned her when she got her first salary after she had paid fees for year, bought her expensive clothes and so many things

Mzbel is heart-broken and it’s all because a young guy she adopted when he was just 3 years old, has been taken away from her after 16 years of fending for him and it’s not the first time, something like that has happened to her.

Mzbel in a live video narrated the story of how one girl, called Ewura Adwoa also abandoned her after years of taking care of her and treating her like her own.

According to Mzbel, she had taken the said Ewura Adwoa girl when she was very young from her parents because they couldn’t fend for her, so decided to act as a good samaritan by adopting her.

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She said, she paid her fees for years and even up until she completed university, bought her expensive clothes, make sure she had a good life and there were times, that when she traveled outside the country she went with her.

Mzbel who seemed heartbroken and almost crying when narrating the story, said, the lady after receiving her first National Service salary, started giving her attitude in the house.

She added that, the young lady’s mom, came to tell her that, her daughter was tired of her because she likes shouting at her and disgracing her infront of peoeple and that for all those years, she was only taking it all in because she wanted to survive.

Mzbel advised others never to adopt anyone if their parents are alive because in the end, the ungrateful parents would come back for them, so if anyone wants to consider adoption, it should be from an orphanage home, where parents of the child or baby have passed away.

Watch the video below:




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