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Your new relationship will not end in marriage – Man calls out his cheating ex on her birthday

Uzor Bobby is a Nigerian man who has called out his ex-girlfriend on her birthday and accused her of cheating which ruined their relationship.

This dramatic man per the content of his birthday message to his ex said he prays she finds a better man than he is so she will not again cheat. He implied that his ex cheated on him because she found someone with excess money.

The exciting part about this whole drama is Uzor Bobby shared these throwback photos of his ex and himself in a Facebook group and sarcastically wished her well with the message that her new relationship will not end in marriage.

He wrote: “Happy birthday to my ex. May the good Lord bless and give you a man better than me if you won’t cheat on him with married men because of excess money. It mustn’t end in marriage. #NoBadEnergy”.

This post was not left unattended to by those who cared as one lady accused Uzor Bobby of being unable to take good care of his ex which compelled her to look elsewhere.

This got Uzor to explain that he was preparing to marry her when she found out she was cheating on him in a hotel.

Uzor replied: “December I was in their home town to meet her parents, when she was called it happened that she was in a hotel in Owerri with a guy from Russia. Bro, she later called and begged and I forgave her, yet she kept doing it. I have like 23 guys with her, I have my evidence”.

Most of the reactions he got did not agree with him calling out his ex in a public group. Their comments can be seen below;

Chidimman Okeke commented:“Now I know why she dumped you. Your mouth runs runs like tap without control. Nonsense”.

Ekenedilichukwu Ugwoke wrote:The reason she dumped you is because you are childish.”

Rugged pastor wrote: “Bros we sell sense at affordable price in Ghana. Produced in Aba, distribute by Enugu guys. Incase your own left IMB. Inbox me”

Ammy Dozie wrote: “Acting childishly. See how you are disgracing yourself here thinking that you can talk. Even some responsible men here are angry with your post.”

Palace Kingeye commented: “No wonder they say age is just a number. See what a mature guy like you is doing here



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