Election 2020: Baba Jamal reveals NDC’s next move [Audio]

Legal Affairs Director of the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Baba Jamal

A member of the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) legal team, Baba Jamal, has said the party will back its claim of massive irregularities in the December 7 general election with facts.

“We are saying things based on facts because governance is a serious business,” he stated in an interview on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Monday.

The NDC, led by its presidential candidate, John Mahama, has rejected the results announced by the Electoral Commission (EC).

He claimed the election was marred by massive fraud- an allegation they are being encouraged to prove in court.

The NDC, which claims to have all its pink sheets, is yet to decide whether or not to challenge the December 7 polls in court.

Reacting to this issue, Mr Jamal said the party has a lot of options to choose from and going to court is part.

However, he said they will not succumb to pressure from civil society groups to seek legal redress.

Mr Jamal, who is also the former Member of Parliament for Akwatia, alleged that, per the pink sheets they have, the NDC won the presidential and majority of the parliamentary seats.

Their supposed defeat, he alleged was orchestrated by the EC in connivance with the ruling New Patriotic Party.

This notwithstanding, Mr Jamal said the NDC will emerge victorious when it presents all the evidence to back their claims.


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