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Lady who failed in the University with a GPA of 0.78 goes back to school 8 years later and graduates with a 3.5GPA

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A female University graduate is full of praise after graduating with a GPA of 3.5 GPA in 2021 after 8 years when she failed in 2014 coming out with a very poor grade of a 0.78GPA.

The lady by the name Meagan Rochelle after woefully failing in university in 2014 with a bad Grade Point Average (GPA) on her first attempt to earn a degree has bounced back better.

With determination and a zeal to better her life, the young enterprising lady in these whole 8 years hibernated partying and doing anything that could have distracted her from getting the desired grades to learn. It has paid off.

Sharing her joy on the internet, Rochelle in a post on her social media page she failed in her first attempt to obtain a degree because she did not take her studies seriously thus she was always partying hard.

She was living in her moment but not for her future back. Now lessons has been learnt and she has come out more great and better. This is what she wrote as she announced this god news to the public.

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