When I Take My Salary, I Use All To Enjoy Big Women And I’m Proud Of It- Radio Presenter Reveals


It is very intriguing when the conversation of what men spend their money on is brought out for discussion. Many men have things which they mostly spend their hard earned moneys on. Some men claim they spend their money on their wives, others on their concubines whiles others used them for enjoyment.

Popular radio presenter, Mr Katah who works at Pure Fm in Kumasi has joined this intriguing conversation. When asked by Ike The Unpredictable on what he mostly spend his salary on, Mr Katah reveals that when he gets hold of money he use it all to enjoy and chop “big” woman. He stated clearly that he is very proud of spending his money on women. He stated that most at times his salary gets finished even at the bank because he keeps dashing money to any beautiful lady he sees.

When asked if he doesn’t care about his future, Mr Katah reveals that if he gets big women he doesn’t even know about future.Check out some reactions from people after Mr Katah made this funny revelation;What do you think about this news? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Watch the video here; https://www.facebook.com/106025286747993/posts/936214783729035/?app=fbl

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