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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Lady Who Mocks Me For Moving To My Husband’s House Before Marriage Has moved To Man’s House

Angela Nwosu, widely known as Digital Ogbanje and River Goddess, recently notified her throngs of followers on her verified Facebook page that a lady who insulted her in 2018 when she moved to her husband’s residences before their marriage in 2019, has similarly packed into her boyfriend’s house.

Angela Nwosu, who did not acknowledge the identity of the aforementioned lady, stated in a social media post that the lady dubbed her a desperate person back then when she (Angela) made an unpopular decision without realizing that she would also make herself into a desperate woman.

This same Digital Ogbanje went on to say in the post’s comments section that, because life is full of uncertainties that make predicting the future impossible, no one should belittle the other for making lifestyle decisions.

Check out the River Goddess’s Facebook post to the following effect:

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What are your thoughts on Angela’s outburst? For your answer, please use the comment box below. Thank you for reading.

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