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Primetime replies Presec over ‘unfair treatment’ claims

Organisers of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), Primetime Limited, have urged the Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (Presec-Legon) to accept their defeat in the just-ended national championship.

In a statement dated December 8, 2021, Primetime said the grand finale of this year’s competition was fair and transparent, unlike claims being made by the Presec team and their alumni.

“Over the last 28 years, the NSMQ has provided educational and entertaining content, while promoting healthy academic rivalry. The competition offers an equal playing field to all schools, without discrimination or favouritism.

“We would like to call on the dissatisfied old students and others who have taken to social media channels to insult and vilify Primetime, the NSMQ brand and the Quiz Mistress to put an immediate end to it,” the statement said.

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The old students of the school revealed that they will petition Primetime over what they described as a “raw deal” during the competition’s finals.

But Primetime Limited debunked the assertions, saying “this claim is totally false and only an attempt to detract attention from the champions and the highly successful production of this year’s NSMQ in Kumasi.”

Here is the statement from Primetime:

NSMQ 2021: 'Learn to lose graciously' - Primetime replies Presec on 'raw deal' claims
NSMQ 2021: 'Learn to lose graciously' - Primetime replies Presec on 'raw deal' claims

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