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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Is This One Too A Massage? Ghanaians Questioned A Man Fondling A Slay Queen In The Name Of Massaging

As we all know, these kinds of videos and photos have been popping up on the internet day in day out. Even just yesterday, I reported a similar case whereby an unknown man was seen seriously fondling a woman. Today a new one has been trending on the internet and, no one knows how it got to the internet. The question in town is “Is this a new kind of massage that we are not aware of?”

In the photo, one can see the man seriously using both of his hands fondling the ladies back and going upwards. These photos has however caused massive confusion and stir on the internet as some men wishes to be in the shoes of the guy in the picture. No one actually knows if this this is a new trend from the slay queens or what, because the rate at which such videos and photos have been popping out day in day out is quite strange.

Now let’s check out the photos;

Will you allow your girlfriend or wife undergo such massaging treatment?

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