MacG hits back at Minnie Dlamini-Jones and all his haters


Podcaster Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho on Monday’s episode of “Podcast and Chill” hit back at all the backlash he has been receiving from the public, since the airing of the controversial Jub Jub interview.

MacG had plenty to say as he addressed all that has been said about him on social media, especially on Black Twitter.

The broadcaster has had enough of his popular podcast being in the spotlight over the content on their episodes.

MacG addressed some of the backlash he received online and even singled out a comment that was said by TV presenter and actress Minnie Dlamini-Jones.

While MacG has no issue with Minnie, he certainly took offence at her comment regarding the popular podcast, calling her tweet disappointing.


He explained that Minnie has been invited to be a guest on the show but she has respectfully declined.

“She’s got the decency to say ‘the MacG and Jub Jub podcast is the most degrading piece of content I wish I’d never consumed.

“I couldn’t even finish it. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Women can’t be spoken about like this and it’s condoned. Do better,” MacG revealed.

The podcaster went on to compare how it would have sounded had he said that he does not like the show Minnie hosts, which is “HomeGround”.

“… bro you know what this is like? What’s that show that she does? Homegrown or whatever…

“That’s like me tweeting uh uh … @homegown the style of presenting is so archaic. I wish they would get a real woman who knows about sport,” said MacG.

Co-host Sol Phenduka added, “I can’t even finish this thing because she’s so ignorant of sports. She knows nothing. It’s like ‘soccer zone’ all over again. I can’t watch this thing. Yo … there’s so many sports shows I can watch.”

MacG explained that he doesn’t tweet that because he doesn’t watch the show and would rather watch something else on YouTube.

Ghost Lady explained to MacG that Minnie was only speaking out after actress and businesswoman Amanda du-Pont spoke out about Jub Jub.

Both Sol and Mac G exclaimed that Dlamini should not attack the podcast, but instead the guest who made the upsetting remarks.

“Podcast and Chill” may trend for the wrong reasons but this has not stopped it’s numbers from growing.

There must be something in the formula.


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