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I’m dating my step-brother and don’t see an issue, we’re not breaking the law

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A woman has started dating her own step-brother after she admitted that she’d had feelings for him for years, that developed when their parents were engaged.

Known only as Maddie, the woman said she had known Callum since she was a child as their parents were in a relationship – but that ended and the wedding was called off.

Despite being only nine-years-old at the time, the pair had bonded over a time when Callum shot Maddie with a BB gun and they enjoyed each other’s company – but they didn’t see each other again after their parents split.

They stayed in touch on social media and Maddie’s feelings for Callum grew, so she decided to make them known when she appeared on ITV2’s Secret Crush.

Maddie and Callum appearing on the ITV2 show
Maddie and Callum had a very special bond (Image: ITV)
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Speaking at the beginning of the episode, Maddie said: “I’m here to tell my brother that I fancy him. Just to be clear, we are not related – my mum and his dad were together many years ago.

“But since we got back in touch on social media he’s really matured and he’s very good looking.

“Callum is my mum’s boyfriend’s son from about nine years ago, he’s my ex-step brother I suppose.

“One conversation we had did start getting a bit flirty and that’s when I realised maybe it’s a bit more than step brother and step sister.

Maddie on the ITV2 show
Maddie still lives with her mum, who used to date Callum’s dad (Image: ITV)

“I feel quite nervous about telling him but I’m also quite excited because I’d be interested to see what he thinks and what he has to say. If this goes badly I think we can say goodbye to any future family reunions, but hey ho.”

Callum, a stone mason from Essex, was completely unaware that his sister had feelings for him, and said prior to the meeting that he wasn’t “looking for love as such”.

But when she was revealed to him, his face when bright red and the veins in his forehead bulged.

Callum from ITV2's Secret Crush
Callum’s dad was engaged to Maddie’s mum, but that relationship was doomed (Image: ITV)

He said: “I can’t believe it’s you! That’s mad, that’s crazy. You were the last person I expected to walk though that door.

“I ain’t seen you in years, we haven’t even spoken that much – you’ve kept it a right secret. I’m blown away to be honest.”

The pair then awkwardly talk over a drink, and Maddie, who still lives with her mum, reveals that she has had feelings for Callum for some time.

Maddie from the ITV2 show
Maddie was nervous about confessing her feelings to Callum (Image: ITV)

She said: “You’re just sound and genuine. You’ve really matured since I last saw you and I was like yeah, I want to meet you.”

The lovestruck duo then talk about the legality of their relationship, and what they’re families will think.

Maddie said: “I don’t think we’re breaking the law. Unless we’re secretly related.”

To which Callum replies: “Basically we were not even step brother and sister because they didn’t get married.”

Maddie then reminds Callum that they were engaged, to which he replies: “Yeah, but they didn’t get married. We’re not doing anything illegal so it’s all sweet.”

Maddie on the show
Maddie decided it was now or never, so arranged to go on the TV show (Image: ITV)

They decide to go on a second date, but not before Maddie admits her mum was shocked, and asking how Callum’s dad would react.

Callum then said: “I think my dad would probably be a bit lost for words. I don’t know how he’s going to take it but you know what, I don’t care – it’s not about him, its about me, about you.”

Speaking after the show, Callum continued: “As long as she treats me well and can cook, maybe I will get down on one knee and propose. I can’t believe she had a crush on me, she was the last person I expected to be interest in me whatsoever.

“It’s crazy to think that after all these years I’ve still been in the back of her mind somewhere, that’s a compliment in itself.

“I think she’s absolutely stunning, definitely a bit of me. She’s a lovely girl, as gorgeous as anything, so I’m buzzing to be honest. I’m excited to see where this goes.”

And Maddie said: “He was really shocked, he had no idea it was me at all.

“I think that was one of the best dates I’ve ever had, we really clicked and got on well. I was really nervous, but I think it went really well. I’m excited to take him home to meet my mum, I can’t wait to see the reaction and the look on her face.”

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