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Anita Akuffo And Cookie Tee Allegedly Fighting Over A “Married” Journalist – Blogger Drops Juicy Gist

In the books of Ghanaian investigative blogger, Aba The Great, sports journalist Thiery Nyann is having an affair with two of his colleagues at TV3 and this has seriously caused a rift between the ladies, Cookie Tee and Anita Akuffo.

The blogger explained that Thiery Nyann is happily married but the rich family background of the sports presenter has enticed Cookie Tee and Anita Akuffo to fight over him.

The blogger wrote: My guys out here, how do you feel when ladies fight over you? How’s the feeling like? 😂😂😂😂 dude fine like wine 🍷 he’s got very sizable family inheritance 💰 too 🤗.
So who wins our favorite sports presenter, Mr Nyan?
Anita Or Cookie?
Already Mr Nyan is receiving Slaps from Anita for cheating, girl got temper I guess, that could let her loose some points, u know 😂😂😂
If he is single and a good catch, fight for him oooo 😂😂😂
Let the best lady win 😎

In other news, A member of the music group R2Bees, Omar Sterling has revealed the type of food he craves for on a daily basis adding that he cannot survive for a day without eating his favourite delicacy, Tuo Zaafi better known to some people as ‘TZ’.

Tuo Zaafi is a local dish composed of maize dough and cassava that is popular among Northern Ghanaians. It is often served with local soup.
Omar Sterling explained that his girlfriend initially didn’t understand his love for Tuo Zaafi, but she has comprehended his decision over time. He posited that his girlfriend has interpreted his love for her like the way he has stayed loyal to eating a particular food for days.


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