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Fuel shortage hits Bono region

Fuel has been a good servant and continues to serve a large number of people across the country and the globe.

Despite seeing the sharp rise in fuel in Ghana of late, there is a mad rush to get some for some peculiar duties.

Particularly, there is a shortage of petrol and diesel in the Dormaa West District of the Bono region. The capital town of this district is Nkrankwanta which share boundaries with Dormaa Ahenkro, Cote d’ Ivoire, and some parts of the Western region.

It is still not clear what has really caused this shortage on Sunday, December 5. But undisclosed sources and speculations within the capital are that some of the fuel depots were hoarding the fuel for unknown reasons. But I cannot authenticate the verity of this speculation.

A lot of motorists were very traumatized as some parked their cars, motors, tricycles, and other fuel-consuming machines.

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It was later that news broke that one of the fuel stations called B-Boxer was operating by selling their fuel. This drew many motorists to the area to fill their fuel tanks.

The district capital has four operational fuel stations. These four stations serve the majority of the towns and villages and the nearby neighborhoods.

Some of these heavily dependant towns near the capital includes Krakrom, Diabaa, Yaw Owusukrom, Brofoyedu, and more.

Many are indeed nervous as to how to get some of the fuel on Monday 6, for their usual activities.

At the time of filing this news item, I cannot authenticate the situations in other districts and areas in the country.

Please share the situations and conditions in your area in the comment section.

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