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“Dumelo To The World” – Ghanaians Shower Him With Praises After His Message On Farmers Day.

Today, Friday 3rd December is Farmers Day in Ghana. It’s a day to recognize the farmers both the large-scale and the backyard ones for their contribution and support to the life of Ghanaians. They are recognized for providing sustenance to us all through their farming.

Without them, Ghana won’t have a source of food production and so they deserve our gratitude and utmost appreciation.

John Dumelo is one of the most decorated farmers of all time. He also dabbles into politics and acting. One of his greatest feat is being the first Ghanaian to ever hit a million likes on Facebook.

Ghanaians decided to shower praises on home and thank him for his support as well also give him some recognition. They want to “show him to the world” by wishing him a Farmers Day.

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He gave a short message regarding supporting him in his business, motivating Ghanaian youths and thanking those who recognized him.

It’s farmers day once again and so Happy Farmers Day to whom it may concern.

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Farmers Day

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