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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Anti-LGBTQ Bill Is Of Greater Importance To Us Than Presidential Elections: Rt Rev Prof Mante

Rt Reverend Professor Joseph Mante, the Moderator of the General Assembly, Presbyterian Church in his sermon on Sunday among other things, talked about the anti-LGBTQI Bill that still lies in parliament to be decided on.

Rt Rev Professor Mante made known his stance on the anti-LGBTQI Bill and with what he said suggests its importance to him. According to him, it is of great concern and importance to him than Presidential elections in the country. He said, ‘let’s not allow just a handful of people or 200 people go sit in parliament and decide our fate on this issue.

In any case, if they would want to change anything, they could resort to referendum so we the citizens can vote to determine whether or not to pass the bill as it of much importance than Presidential elections.

He also advised his congregants to eschew selfishness, corruption and hatred as these behaviours do not glorify God and pastors also educated in a way to help them make informed decisions regarding their followers. It is so sad to see people go to church every Sunday but are not transformed in effect. Most corrupt leaders mostly hear these messages but do not seem to care at all.

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If only our leaders and those in high positions will do away with selfishness and greediness, we will be in the right direction to battle corruption in the country.

Source: GBC

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