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IMANI VP: Don’t Believe Anyone That Says They Can Create 1 Million Jobs In 3 Years From The Scratch

Selorm Branttie, the Vice-President for Innovation & Technology at Imani Africa has pleaded with people not to believe in anyone that promises to create a million jobs in just three years without an existing initiative.

In a post shared on his Official Facebook page on Sunday 5th December 2021 he said “Please don’t believe anyone that tells you they can create 1 million jobs in the space of 3 years from a completely new initiative.”

According to the Vice-President of IMANI Ghana, the average small business will employ not more than two (2) people month on month as full time employees.

He continued that “We have not created enough to have at least 300,000 new businesses that start and can immediately handle any kind of informal payroll that will take 2 or 3 people even for 6 months continuous.”

According to Selorm Branttie it’s simple math for one to understand that it won’t be possible. “I won’t even delve into the economics of it”. He added.

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His comment comes as a background to the recent ‘YouStart’ initiative by the rulling , NPP government which is purported to create 1million jobs.

Recently, the Chief Executive of Ghana Enterprise Agency, Kosi Yankey-Ayeh has said that operational systems have been put in place and ready to create the 1 million jobs under government’s ‘YouStart’ initiative.

Speaking in an interview on the Business Edition of PM Express on Joynews, she explained that President Akufo-Addo’s vision has led the country to the point of job creation.

Comments which supported Selorm Branttie’s post on the social media posed some questions to back him up. ” Where are they even going to get the fiscal space to create such a superfluous agenda?”.

It is believed that just interest payment and amortization, public sector compensation, and statutory payment have consumed all the revenue envelope. And given the public uproar against the E-levy, govt can’t surely get its way (at least not the 1.75) which would negatively affect the already projected revenue.



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