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Duncan Williams makes serious prophetic utterances on this country and urges Ghanaians to listen

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams have unleashed some very powerul and prophetic words on this country as December has finally dawned on us.

December is tagged as one of the months in the years with January inclusive, that has most of the heartbreaks and dangerous moments.

It is believed that it is this time of the year that the devil, the enemy of Christians is more particular about making sure Christians face their worst nightmares.

According to Duncan Williams in an ongoing IMPACT program which is airing live on Facebook, the founder of Action chapel international says this country is and will be facing some trying times.

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He claims there will be more of the things that Ghanaians fear and are facing at the moment and this will only take some time.

The archbishop revealed that we need to protect the heads of the heads. He spoke of the heads of the heads, people in authorities being protected because they are the targets of doom and destruction.

He urged all Ghanaians to listen to this message because this is something that Ghanaians should not joke about.

Duncan Williams asked the congregation on why the end of every year is when people see most dangerous stuff and when people go through most difficult moments.

He revealed this is all because of the plans of the enemy which has always been set as a trap for the believer to fall in.

He prayed for Ghana’s economy and prophesied that there are things that need to be settled in the realms of the spirit before Ghana will become the Ghana we want.

And whiles facing the matters of the spirit, he also revealed that attitude of leaders should be a priority as well. As a result, he urged them to prophesy into the hearts and minds of the leaders as well.

We mostly blame matters of the spirit as the cause of the things we face in this country but according to him, the individuals at the various positions should be able to repair the things they have broken or seen broken.

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