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6 Mature approaches to use to tell a girl you like her

You know that girl who makes you mumble or drop a stack of papers while talking to her? That girl you can’t stop thinking about, even when she’s not around? You might have feelings for her! Telling a girl you like her sounds simple, but actually doing it can be nerve-wracking. That’s why in this article, I have compiled a list of a few ways you can express your emotions to see if she likes you back.

Give her a few compliments about her outfit or her nice laugh. Tell her about a pretty flower you saw that made you think of her at the park today. If you give enough hints as to how you’re feeling, she’ll be better prepared for when you tell her you like her. Try saying some things like, “I saw a gorgeous rose bush on my walk earlier today. It made me think of you!” Or, “You have the best smile I’ve ever seen.” Try to pay attention to how she reacts to these compliments. If she smiles and laughs, it’s a good sign!

Remind yourself of how awesome you are for a confidence boost. You could write a list or just say things out loud to yourself. You don’t have to get cocky, but try saying things like: “This is gonna go well.” “We’ll be friends no matter what.” “Even if she doesn’t like me back, I’ll feel better after I’ve said it.”

Try to approach her when she’s alone and not busy. If you two are friends, you can suggest hanging out one on one. If you don’t know her that well, try to catch her when she’s by herself at school or work. You don’t have to be completely isolated (that’s a little scary!), but try not to confess your feelings around a group of friends. Try going for a walk in the park or meeting up in the food court at a mall. You could say something like, “Hey, do you wanna hang out after school today?” When you’re making plans to meet up, don’t say, “I need to talk to you.” She might think you have something bad to say.

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Text her if you can’t meet up in person.

This can help if you live far away or you’re feeling shy. It’s a little less scary since you won’t be talking to her in person. Try having a light, casual conversation over text before you dive into your feelings for her. Phone calls and video chats are good options, too! If you’re texting her, send something like, “I know it’s weird to say this over text but I really like you.”

Ask her if she likes you.This is a nice way to test the waters if you’re nervous. If she’s been giving you hints but you aren’t exactly sure, ask her if she has feelings for you. She might be a little nervous to answer this question, so you can reassure her with your feelings right afterward. For example, you could say, “So, we’ve been hanging out a lot lately. Do you like me?” Or, “Hypothetically, if I asked you if you liked me, what would you say?”

Make your intentions clear as you confess your feelings. Instead of just saying you like her, you can ask her if she’d be open to dating you (or even becoming your girlfriend). Try asking something like: “Have you ever thought about being more than friends?” “I think I’d like to take our relationship to the next level. Could we be more than friends?”

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