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If You Want Your Prayers To Be Answered, Do These Five(5) Things

Prayer is the driving force behind all Christian religions. A committed Christian will always be observed praying. There are a few things that can cause God to answer your prayers. Because of how we present ourselves to God, he does not always respond to our prayers.

For example, suppose you want God to do anything for you but haven’t done what he asks of you. Then you notice that the problem you were experiencing has not been resolved. The most important thing you can do in this situation is to keep praying by first performing the following:

1. Read some scriptures before praying. The Bible says, “Let the word of the Lord dwell richly in us.” If you read the Bible before going before Him, you will discover how to pray and the requirements for doing so. As a result, cultivating the habit of reading the Bible is vital. It is essential to your Christian walk.

2. Clear your mind of any worries that have arisen during the day or night. Calm your thoughts and be at peace before approaching the Lord in prayer. This will help you concentrate and focus on the task at hand.

3. Confirm that you have forgiven those who have wronged you. When you pray to the Lord, you will naturally request Him to forgive you for your wrongdoings. You can’t expect God to forgive you if you haven’t forgiven those who have harmed you. It is vital to forgive and let go of all your grievances and bitterness before going before the Lord.

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4. Remove anything that may distract you from your prayers before going to pray. When fasting, for example, you must avoid meals that can pique your appetite. Turn off all electronics, including the television and radio, and anything else that can distract you. To spend quiet and quality time with the Lord God Almighty, it is sometimes important to turn off your phone.

5. It is necessary to fast from time to time in order to sacrifice the flesh. You may be having difficulty conquering your fleshly desires. When you discover that your body has overwhelmed your mind and has taken possession of you, you are not crucifying it. You’ll note that whether you come before the Lord fasting or not, you’ll be in various moods. It will help you to grow in your spiritual life and religion.

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