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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Good News as Abena Cilla finally meets Hajia Bintu, her competitor in the bortos kingdom (+ Video » ™

The truth is, Hajia Bintu who has the softest and fresh bortos in Ghana has been successfully dethroned by a new lady with a bigger backside and her name is Abena Cilla.

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That is to say, we have finally discovered that despite the sizzling curves of Hajia Bintu, Abena Cilla has proven that her bortos is equally fresh, bigger and even better than that of Hajia Bintu.

As a result, most netizens thought that there’s unseen friction between Haji Bintu and Abena Cilla but this footage sighted by Realest Blogger of GHbase.Com proves otherwise.

Deductively from the footage, Hajia Bintu and Abena Cilla really vibe behind the scenes despite the fact that they are all battling to win the heart of men who have mad love for fresh bortos.

The footage was captured to celebrate the birthday of Hajia Bintu who is a product of Koforidua Technical University studying Hospitality.


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