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Clashes erupt after police shoot Palestinian man who stabbed Israeli man


Israeli police shoot Palestinian man who stabbed Israeli man

A video screengrab allegedly shows a Palestinian man stabbing an orthodox Israeli man. Photo courtesy Israeli Police/Twitter

Dec. 4 (UPI) — Border police in Israel shot dead a Palestinian man after he allegedly stabbed an Israeli man and tried to stab a border police officer Saturday.

The Palestinian man arrived at the Damascus Gate around 4:30 p.m. when he allegedly stabbed the civilian, according to a statement from Israeli police.

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Video released by the agency shows the Palestinian man walking through a crosswalk when he suddenly turns around and appears to stab the Israeli man — an orthodox Jewish man — walking behind him.

After a brief scuffle, the border police officer is seen engaging with the Palestinian man who allegedly tries to stab them before he is shot dead.

The Palestinian man was identified as Muhammad Suliman, 25, from Salfit, East Jerusalem, the Washington Post reported. According to the outlet, violent clashes broke out after the attack, which led police to use tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The Israeli man suffered knife wounds to the neck and upper body and was taken to the hospital in moderate to severe condition, police said in a statement.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressed the incident in a statement, branding the Palestinian man as a “terrorist.”

“The Border Police officers took the quick and determined action expected of Israel Police officers against a terrorist who tried to murder an Israeli civilian. I would like to extend to them full backing,” Bennett said.

“This is how our officers are expected to act and this is how they acted. We cannot allow our capital city to become a focal point of terrorism.”

Israeli Police said on Twitter that cops deployed an “extensive police presence” to the scene and were working to combat “false information.”

“In the past hour, false information has been spread surrounding other events in the city in an attempt to inflame tensions. We clarify that this is false information with no basis in reality,” police said.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the opposition in Israel, praised the police’s response in a statement on Twitter.

“I pray for the peace of the wounded in today’s attack in Jerusalem and wish to commend the action of the Border Police forces who bravely neutralized the terrorist. Proud of you!” he tweeted.

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