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Canadian man wins two big lottery prizes in two weeks

Canadian man wins two big lottery prizes in two weeks

Adam Conti, 37, of Brantford, Ontario, Canada, won a $68,939.50 lottery prize about two weeks after collecting a $70,387.01 jackpot from the same game. File Photo by Robert Lessmann/Shutterstock

Dec. 3 (UPI) — An Ontario, Canada, man was left feeling doubly lucky when he won a $68,939.50 lottery prize within two weeks of collecting a $70,387.01 jackpot.

Adam Conti, 37, of Brantford, told Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. officials he likes playing the lottery’s POOLS game because it allows him to analyze sports statistics.

The POOLS game costs $3.89 to play, and calls on players to choose a sport, a card number and which team will win. Players with the most correct picks earn a share of the prize pool.

Conti won a $70,387.01 POOLS prize Nov. 24, followed by a $68,939.50 win Dec. 2.

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“I’m very humbled and blessed to have this opportunity,” Conti said. “We paid off our student loans and got everything sorted out, put money away for the kids and for the future.”

Conti said he has been playing POOLS for several years, but his luck finally arrived this year.

“It just so happened this season that the underdogs are winning,” he said. “When you’re competing in a contest with other people and they’re picking the favorites, you’re the benefactor of the larger payouts.”

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