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African of the year: I am grateful for the recognition: Nana Addo rejoices as Forbes recognises him.

President Nana Akufo Addo has been featured in one of Africa’s most popular magazines. Over the years, the Ghanaian lawyer and politician who has been President of the Republic of Ghana since January 2017 has been featured and recognised on a number of major local and worldwide platforms. And this recent one in Forbes Africa magazine demonstrates how well-known he is across Africa.

The publication praised the President for propelling the country forward in the global marketplace. On its official Twitter feed, the magazine remarked, “Ghana’s President has repositioned the country in the global marketplace as one reliant on its own resources and strengths.” This demonstrates how well-liked the President is in the international market for his leadership in the country.

The President’s picture is on the front of this month’s publication, and names him the ‘African Of The Year.’ This recognition is significant because this magazine is read by a large number of people across the continent, and because it shines a light on Nana Addo, it also shines a light on the country.

The President, according to reports, was pleased with the news. He is claimed to have expressed gratitude to the popular magazine for selecting him as the African of the Year for 2021 in its December edition, according to reports. He was quoted as saying that he is grateful for the praise he received from the African version of the magazine. In addition, he expressed gratitude to the magazine for recognising their work in the country.

As the President is pleased by the news, Ghanaians should be as well, because the rest of Africa will now know that we have one of Africa’s best presidents.

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Forbes Africa is one of the continent’s most influential business publications. It assists its readers all over the world in learning about what is going on in the African continent in terms of business news.

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