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Sunday, January 23, 2022

We Have Realised GES Doesn’t Regard Us- Teachers Raise Concerns

It will be recalled that there were some laptops distribution this year to basic school teachers in Ghana and 70% of the cost was covered by the government leaving the 30% to be paid in installments by the receivers. According to tge basic school teachers, they were told they would receive their laptops in October. October passed, same as November, nothing happened, we are now in December but they have still not received the laptops.

They have raised concerns about this issue and it has been taken to court, yet GES has turned deaf ears and gone ahead to deduct them, and to them it has become plain the service doesn’t regard or has any respect for them in any way. Monies have been deducted from our professional development allowance whilst we have not received the item we were supposed to receive which is the laptop, they added.

Mr Amoah speaking for ‘all teachers alliance Ghana’ said the way and manner GES is treating them is so bad and according to the labour act, an employer can’t just deduct employees without their consent or prior notice. Majority of the teachers have not yet received the laptops so why the deduction, he added.

They are therefore pleading with the government to intervene and help settle matters as soon as possible.

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