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‘I’m having one more child and my father-in-law thinks he should name the baby’

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The name you pick for your child is always bound to ruffle a few feathers – some people will absolutely love it, while others might not understand why you opted for it over others.

But at the end of the day, the decision is down to the parents and as long as they like it, that’s all that really matters.

However, there are always those who won’t be able to let the issue drop if they aren’t a fan of what you plan to call your little one.

A family recently found this out the hard way, with a man claiming his father-in-law was causing a stir about their third and final child’s name.

Couple have problems in relationship during pregnancy
The couple have picked out the perfect name (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
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The anonymous man revealed all in a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, explaining how he and his wife have a sweet baby name tradition, which stems from his own name.

He explained that he and his own dad have the same initials, with the same last name but different first and middle names.

His wife also just so happened to have a first name beginning with the same letter as his, so when they got married and she took his name, their initials were also the same.

“When we got pregnant with our oldest we followed the ‘tradition’ of having the same initials as me as well as my dad,” he wrote. “My son shares the same middle and last name but has a different first name than myself and my father. We thought it was cute.

“When our second child was born we wanted to continue the ‘tradition’ but she has the same initials as my wife instead of me. My wife is currently pregnant with our last child.”

He goes on to say that the pregnancy has been difficult for his wife and they’ve made the decision not to have any more children after this child.

They plan to continue their naming tradition with their final child, with the little boy having a name that will give him the same initials as his father and brother.

However, the wife’s father isn’t too happy about this plan and wishes they would name their unborn baby after him instead.

“He said that because this will be our last child and his final grandchild he thinks he should get a say in the name. My wife asked what he meant and he said he would want the baby to be named after him or share a middle name.

“My wife said that while she understands his desire. We have already selected our son’s name. We thought that was the end of it.”

The couple later found out the father-in-law had told a number of people about his upset and desire for the child to be named after him.

They confronted him about it and the son-in-law told him that if he wanted to name a child so badly, he should have another of his own.

He then turned to Reddit to find out whether people thought he was in the wrong for doing this – but many took his side.

One person replied: “I totally agree with you in that If he wants to name a kid he can go out and have another one.”

Another said: “This situation is why most people keep the baby’s name a secret until baby is born. Otherwise, people who have no right to comment on the name can’t comment on the name.”

A third added: “They can get him a pet goldfish and he can name it whatever his heart desires!”

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