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Here are some celebrity kids taking over the internet

celebrity kids taking over the internet

While celebrity parents noticeably revel in their children’s milestones more than anyone else, their fans can’t help but perceive a sort of parental satisfaction, too.

So, when you see celebrity kids on your timeline, it’s totally understandable because they aren’t going anywhere for a while.

Some celebrities choose to shield their children from the world while others feel it’s okay for them to be known.

Curious netizens are just always waiting for the sauce and we are serving it hot from GhanaWeb with so much love.

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Today we share with you celebrity kids who are taking over the internet in 2021.

Baby Lorde and Brother Titan

Kafui Danku and her husband, Mr Pirtcher are parents to baby Lorde and little brother Titan. The parents have always shared the journey of their children’s growth with fans, from the time they were in the womb till when they were birth.

The world has seen the kids age and we itch for what the coming years will bring as we can’t seem to get enough of them ageing gracefully.

Baby Maxin

Knowing the toil of baby Maxim’s conception we can’t let go of the fact that she is a miracle to the world and to her parents.

We have watched her grow through the pictures shared by her mother who is the famous actress and host, Nana Ama McBrown.

It will be wrong to say we have had enough of the pretty little girl as she is only starting her journey and more is to come.

Simona Ama Ashia Osei

Daughter of rapper, Strongman, Simona Ama Ashia Osei, is one of Ghana’s youngest fashion influencers at a very tender age. The fashion icon’s fashion sense leads us to believe the older, the better it will get.

Baby Simona thanks to her affluent dad and her love for fashion has gained a huge following on Instagram. On her page, her social media handler shares pictures of her wearing the trendiest clothes.

The little girl has to date served as a brand ambassador to a list of children’s brands.

Nadia Buari’s children

Nadia Buari is the proud mother of four girls. Even though we see her share the beautiful pictures of her family the faces of her children remain hidden.

With their faceless pictures, the proud mum has shared the journey of the little ones with us from their infancy. This gesture is appreciated and loved by her fans because they get to enjoy the growth process of her kids as well.

The wait for the big day of the revelation of the faces of the children is nigh, fans are patiently waiting.

Kwame Bota and Santi

Ghanaian musician Okyeame Kwame and his beautiful wife Annica have two children namely Sir Kwame Bota and Santi. These kids leave no room when it comes to performing in front of the camera as Okyeame has featured them in a lot of his performances including his song ‘Saucing’.

It’s no surprise the kids are charmers on camera and according to Okyeame, he has given enough room to the kids to be who they want to be.

Menaye Dokuaa and Ohemma Dokuaa

These children are daughters of Ghanaian actress and style influencer Nana Akua Addo.

She is undoubtedly currently leading the fashion industry and has groomed her kids to do the same.

The mother and daughters from social posts are hinting to take over social media platforms to announce who is boss.

Nana Akua Addo could serve per popularity a tremendous deal of admiration along with her daughters.

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