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Monday, January 24, 2022

Fufu Birthday Cake Causes Stir On The Social Media

Taking cakes out of birthday parties removes the fun in the parties. It is like eating food without salt, absolutely no taste to get your taste buds to work. This lifestyle was imported from the Western world and has reigned for a long period of time.

Everybody wants to get a cake on their birthdays and most people will be dissatisfied if they don’t see one on their birthdays. It is funny how some kids get angry at their parents when they do not surprise them with cakes. Some girls are breaking up with their guys over this same issue.

Due to this, many people put themselves through a great deal stress to get these cakes. Well, some Ghanaian men have proved that birthdays can be fun without these expensive cakes. They showed us all that you can celebrate birthdays your own way. You need not to buy an expensive cake when you can make one all by yourself.

These men prepared fufu and placed a candle inside just like we do to cakes. This was followed by the birthday song and the joy on their faces explained how ecstatic the moment was. This is really interesting and I am glad they decided to go the local way. We have been following the foreigners for a long period of time, maybe it is time we appreciate ourselves.

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Many people have never seen a cake of such a kind and had to give comical comments about the fufu cake. Looking at the comments, you just cannot stop loving Ghana. Let’s go through some below;

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