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Tricycle operators lament over high cost of fuel

Some tricycle operators in Tamale threaten to boycott work if fuel prices are not reduced

Correspondence from the Northern Region

Some tricycle operators in the Tamale Metropolis have said the high fuel cost is killing their tricycle business; hence, the government should do something about it.

They said the average fuel consumption by members used to be Gh¢40 a day but now has been catapulted to Ghç80 a day.

They noted the situation is affecting the prospect of the business, and if nothing is done about it, they would be compelled to either increase fares or go on a sit-down strike to register their displeasure about the situation.

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Speaking to GhanaWeb’s Northern Regional correspondent Alidu Abdul-Rashid, they shared that;

“If you buy fuel for Gh¢80 and you are going to send Gh¢50 to the tricycle owner, how much would be left for you to send home and also take care of your family?” Musah Osman, a tricycle operator, asked.

Alhassan Muaz, another tricycle operator, pleaded that “the government should reduce the price for us, so that one can collect someone’s tricycle, go and make some money and still be able to make sales for the person and also get something for themselves.”

Alhassan said he pays his school fees through the tricycle business, “so imagine you buy fuel Gh¢80 and you are also going to give Gh¢50 to the owner of the tricycle, how much would be left for you to send home to take care of your family, and also pay your school fees.”

“We are appealing to the government to reduce the fuel price for us; if the government fails to reduce it, we have to either go on a strike or find something to do and leave the tricycle business.” Zakaria Fuseini, another tricycle operator, intimated.

They also cited other taxes like VAT they pay on a monthly basis to the Assembly, which contributes to the killing of the tricycle business.

Some of the passengers who also spoke to GhanaWeb called on the government to reduce the fuel price in order to keep the tricycle operators in the business.

They said they always opt for tricycles because it is less costly than ‘trotro’, and they are always ready to take you to wherever you want to go.

“I am prepared to join the tricycle operators to demonstrate should the government fail to reduce the price of the fuel,” Madam Cecilia Boafo, a passenger pledged.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the tricycle operators Association in the Tamale Metropolis is yet to meet to decide the way forward.

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